Broken Shed Vodka Review

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“This is the best vodka I’ve tasted in a long time.”

Lake Wanaka

Broken Shed History

Meanwhile, about 300 miles south-west of Cloudy Bay, in a Broken Shed on Lake Wanaka, surrounded by the mountains of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, another alcohol story was brewing. Or rather, distilling. You see, there were these three guys. Two were New Yorkers who’d gone to New Zealand for a better life, and they teamed up with a local guy and, as guys do, started hanging out in a shed. But instead of shooting the breeze and downing beers, they decided to try to make the perfect New Zealand vodka. When they found their formula and launched it in 2010, what else could they call it but Broken Shed Vodka?

A Broken Shed Vodka Martini

The Package

I love vodka bottles and Broken Shed’s is handsome. It’s cork-sealed, which I like, and has a red-roofed broken shed on the front, and a clear window to enable you to see another broken shed on the back against a background of the snow-covered Southern Alps. It gives a feeling of purity and freshness before you’ve even taken the top off.

More Information

Find out more on the Broken Shed website.

You can find a range of New Zealand vodkas at Master of Malt.

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