Chipotle Pepper Flavored Vodka Review

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I love the Pacific Northwest, as you will if you’ve been there. I live somewhere very different, in Arizona, and I love the spicy taste of chipotle. I also clearly love vodka, that’s a given, so when I heard about this chipotle pepper flavored vodka from the Pacific Northwest, I just had to get me some.

Lake Chelan in the Cascade Mountains

Cascade Street Distillers

Cascade Street Distillers is very much a craft distillery, being co-owned by brother and sister Nick and Katie Beasley, who have a strong commitment to sustainability. (They also, by the way, have a cool website so check it out.)

Mount Hood

Chipotle Pepper Flavored Vodka

The big question is, though, can a distillery way up there in Oregon make a spicy vodka that appeals to the palate of someone who lives in Arizona? It ought to, as each batch is infused with 38 pounds of slow-smoked jalapeño peppers.

It certainly didn’t look like it from the color, though. It looks very innocent. It’s straw in color, the kind of color of a white wine like pinot grigio. The comparison ends there.

On the nose the peppery smokiness hits you right away, though with the balancing sweetness that peppers also have. There is also a note of the smell of straw in there, alongside the smoked hot pepper aroma. If you like hot peppers, and I do, you’ll love it for the hint of things to come. If you’re not a fan of hot and spicy, the nose will certainly tell you whether it’ll be too hot for you to handle.

More Information

Visit the Cascade website, and check out where to buy this Chipotle Pepper-Flavored Vodka.

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