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Infuse Vodka Lemon Flavor

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This lemon flavour was the first of several infused vodkas I tried from Infuse Vodka, and I quickly became a huge fan. The lemon vodka had a slightly sweet and very intense lemon scent to it, like one of my other favorite drinks, limoncello. I wondered what type of lemons they used? The answer was Bonnie Brae lemons from the San Diego area, where they grow best. They’re noted for being seedless and thin-skinned, and often used to flavor ice-cream.

Sipping on the vodka, I was surprised to find that in the mouth it tasted rather sour. Not in an unpleasant way, but not what I expected from the scent of it. You can certainly taste the alcohol, it’s quite potent, and the lemon flavor clings to the palate.

On a second sip I thought I sensed a hint of lime in there too, for a very citrusy taste. Infuse Vodka’s own tasting notes do say it has the pungent taste of true citrus, and I’d have to agree with that. They deliberately don’t add sugar so that the real taste comes through.

Infuse Vodka Lemon Cocktails
My wife was tasting too, and she thought it would go best as a refreshing long drink, with soda and a slice of lemon. The Infuse Vodka website recommends cocktails for all their flavored vodkas, and the lemon recipes included a Citrus Bay Breeze, which was vodka, Triple Sec, Amaretto and lemon lime soda.

We didn’t have any Amaretto but we did have sparkling lime mineral water, so I tried it as a straight long drink – just the vodka and lime mineral water. It was deliciously refreshing. The lemon flavor is so intense that you wouldn’t need much of the vodka to give a lemon kick to any drink, and it could work well for someone who likes their drinks full of flavor but not too strong.

Infuse Vodka also recommend a Dazed and Infused cocktail for their lemon vodka, mixing it with watermelon juice and rose water, and garnishing it with cool cucumber slices. I can imagine that one working well, the watermelon sweetening up the lemon. Click on the photo at the bottom of the page to see that recipe.

All in all my wife and I both agreed (which does occasionally happen) that this was not a vodka we would drink straight too often, but it will be an intriguing mixer and really refreshing when you want a long drink – which, as we live in Arizona, we often do!

Information and Buying
Infuse Lemon Vodka currently costs $29.99 for a 750ml bottle and you can buy it on the website.

More details from the Infuse Vodka website.


Dazed and Infused
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