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Infuse Vodka Orange Clove Flavor

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One sniff of Infuse Vodka’s Orange Clove flavor and we knew we were in for a treat. It has that wonderfully wintery scent of cloves, combined with a very gentle orange blossom scent, reminiscent of marmalade. All in all it’s a very comforting aroma, reminiscent of Christmas and breakfasts of marmalade on toast.

Those two strong scents are there in the mouth when you sip it, too. Like their lemon infused vodka, the alcohol taste is very strong, with quite a kick to it, but it’s got such lovely rich flavors in it that it’s definitely a vodka you can sip just as it is. After a few sips, as it started to warm up in the glass, I thought that distinctive clove taste became a little more sweet and smoky. The alcohol seemed slightly less potent as well. I won’t say it was better or worse than the first sip when it had just come out of the freezer, but it was different, and pleasant to experience the subtly changing blend of flavors.

Those flavors, by the way, come from Florida for the oranges, and Mexico for the dried cloves. It’s a brilliant blend.

A Cloveland Cocktail

Infuse Vodka Orange Clove Cocktails
Although the orange clove taste was so good that we would both definitely drink this on its own, we were also curious to try it in a cocktail. I concocted something myself, using cranberry juice with a splash of orange juice, and I also threw in an extra shot of plain vodka too. I wish I’d measured everything out and noted it down because it was, if I say so myself, delicious. The clove taste became a kind of smoky hint in the mix, the OJ reinforced the orange, and the slug of plain vodka gave the drink that extra kick that I like in my cocktails. A cocktail where you can’t taste the spirit is like drinking a decaffeinated coffee. What’s the point?

Infuse Vodka has several cocktail recipes on its site that use their orange clove vodka. One is surprisingly simple, and sometimes they’re the best. Just mix the vodka with coke, add a slice of orange and garnish with a ripe black cherry.

It’s going to be a tough choice between sampling the orange clove vodka in cocktails like that, or simply enjoying it neat.

Clove and Coke Cocktail

Infuse Orange Clove Vodka currently costs $29.99 for a 750ml bottle and you can buy it on the website.

More details from the Infuse Vodka website.



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