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The Reid Vodka Review

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The Distillery that Desiree Built

Following a dream usually involves a lot of hard work, though, and also a lot of expense when that dream is distilling. Desiree travelled the world to learn about whisky-making, including to Scotland and to Kentucky, where she learned from the late great Dave Pickerell, who was Master Distiller at Maker’s Mark for 14 years.

In 2013 Desiree sold her farming business to help finance the distillery, which she chose to build in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, to provide her with a pristine source of water. Building started on 5th January 2015, and on 5th November 2015 the first cask was laid down for ageing.

In the Distillery

While waiting three years for the whisky to mature, Desiree busied herself making other spirits, including several liqueurs and The Source, a gin which won a Gold Medal at the New York World Spirits and Wine Awards.

And, of course, they made this very unusual vodka. Having started with a single malt whisky, Desiree asked why not a single malt vodka? It’s a terrific idea, both from the making and the marketing point of view. William Borrell of Vestal Vodka has always maintained that vodka has terroir just as much as any other spirit or wine. In his case, he distills with potatoes, and says that different types and different years produce different vodkas. And from the marketing point of view, the reid stands out as there are only a handful of other single malt vodkas around.

More Information

You can buy the reid vodka, and other interesting Cardrona spirits, from Master of Malt.

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