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Au Vodka Review, how does it Actually Taste?

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Recently crowned the fastest growing retail branch in the UK, Au Vodka is a new kid on the premium vodka block with strong advertising that has obviously found its niche. The first thing you’ll notice about the brand are the distinctive gold bottles, they’re well done and really do stand out.

This vodka is 5 times distilled, and filtered through gold. I’m not sure gold filtration does anything for the flavour, but it certainly adds to the theme!

What’s in a name?

The name Au Vodka comes from the periodic table, Aurum being latin for Gold, and Au being short for Aurum. If you look closely at any of the bottles, you’ll spot a 79 above the Au, this is the atomic number of gold and refers to the number of protons in the nucleus of a gold atom.

The brand and looks are all well and good, but how does it actually taste?

Au Vodka Reviews

Au Vodka Original – 40% ABV

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Always believe in your soul

This comes in a ‘luxe’ flashy looking glass bottle with black top which is the classiest colour combination. It appears to have a vanilla aroma with no specific flavour profile, however it is smooth to drink. It is inoffensive and probably a good Christmas gift for that flashy young friend in your life who likes vodka.

While it wouldn’t be my first choice of vodka for drinking neat, there is something moreish about the sweet vanilla smell that had me coming back for another sip.

Pros: ‘luxe’ gold bottle, most drinkable

Cons: would not work in a martini

Pair with: fizzy lemonade, coke, ice tea, for use in sweet cocktails

Au Vodka Fruit Punch – 35.2% ABV

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I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world

Pros: ‘luxe’ gold bottle, bright red colour

Cons: extremely sweet, very basic flavour profile 

Pair with: Schweppes cloudy lemonade, fresh lime juice, soda water

This comes in a ‘luxe’ flashy looking glass bottle with pink top and is a drink with form over substance. It had the fruitiest flavour profile of all the vodkas with a strong whiff of Calpol however is still jaw achingly sweet. Is the target audience younger drinkers who are fans of alcopops like Smirnoff Ice or Southern Comfort and coke. It may bring back nostalgic memories of childhood illnesses due to Calpol flavour profile?

Au Vodka Blue Raspberry – 35.2% ABV

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I’m blue da ba dee, da ba di

Pros: ‘luxe’ gold bottle, bright blue eye-catching colour

Cons: extremely sweet, no discernible raspberry flavour, weak flavour profile

Pair with: nothing to suggest – we’d give this a miss

This comes in a ‘luxe’ flashy looking glass bottle with blue top. It is the least interesting of all the flavours we tried but the most eye catching. Perhaps it would be a conversation starter in a sweaty nightclub? It does resemble blue highlighter pen fluid. It has nothing else going for it, unfortunately. 

Au Vodka Black Grape – 35.2% ABV

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purple rain, purple rain

Pros: ‘luxe’ gold bottle, purple colour

Cons: extremely sweet, very faint grape flavour

Pair with: Schweppes cloudy lemonade, fresh lime juice, soda water

This comes in a ‘luxe’ flashy looking glass bottle with purple top. It has a faint flavour which reminds us of Fanta Grape Soda but is also extremely sweet. The colour is an eye-popping purple. Again, a young nightclub drink with slightly too much form over substance.

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